About Me


My name is Joanna, and I’m a twenties-something follower of Jesus and a writer learning how to let His love vibrate in the words I share.

I locate myself as a multi-ethnic woman of color (Black, Afro-Latinx with Chinese heritage) with a heart for engaging questions related to social justice, race, identity, and how faith informs and shapes how we approach all these.

Nature-lover, proud New Yorker, subway poet, and eager explorer of other cultures (including that of Pop), I hope to write about whatever burdens my heart and shake up the world a little bit.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for leaning in. Comments and feedback are always welcome, as I recognize that I am leaping into dialogues that have existed long before me and will continue long after me. I’m a work-in-progress, and the learning never ends…

God bless you. Riot on!

Feel free to contact me at graceriot122@gmail.com

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