don’t catch fire as you rise

Wax dripped onto my fingers as I gripped a candle in the midst of hundreds. I stood in Washington Square two nights ago, catching snatches of the speakers' declarations, a litany of "Stand up, fight back"s and "This is what America looks like"s and "No ban, no wall"s. The memory of the press of people at my shoulders bolsters me now as I consider the past few days of controversial Executive Orders and the resulting protests.

voices in the desert

Prophetic voices prescript acknowledgement and repentance of sin on both an individual and communal dimension. When we are cloistered in the relative security of our lives, prophetic voices drag us out of our havens so we can look at the walls and remember the slaves who built them, the exploited land upon which the foundations sit. Wherever we experience tension that won't leave us, wherever we encounter words that won't let us settle, there we will find the people speaking prophetically to our time and place.